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Security Systems Built for You.

At Mission, we provide state-of-the-art home security, technology, energy management, convenience, and mobile applications to help protect homes and families.

Our home security systems can help keep your loved ones safe by monitoring the comings and goings through all doors and windows, detecting suspicious activity, and ensuring all doors are locked and security systems set before going to bed or leaving the home.

In addition, you get instant notifications during an emergency, professional home alarm systems, and around-the-clock comprehensive protection.

Receive real-time alerts for all alarm activity.

Be in the know. The Mission app will notify you of any alarm activity in your home in real time.

24/7/365 monitoring. We never take a day off…ever!

Arm & disarm your system from anywhere.

Whether you’re not sure your system is armed, or you have family in town visiting, have control of your system from anywhere in the world.

Instant notification during an emergency

Our state-of-the-art camera systems and sensors are always on watch for suspicious activity or irregularities within the home. Our equipment and personnel ensure that you and the proper authorities will always be notified when an emergency situation occurs, allowing immediate response. Nothing will happen without you knowing first.

Schedule your system to automatically arm.

With schedules, never forget to set your home alarm system. Schedule settings ensure your home is always protected.

Comprehensive protection.

Each home and family comes with its own unique set of needs. At Mission, our home alarm system services go far beyond simple home security precautions. Our equipment and service packages are highly customizable, meaning you get exactly what you need to feel safe. Whether you need a dozen cameras to monitor every area of the home, or just a few security sensors, we can help you get what you need.

Customize non-alarm alerts.

If you just want to keep an eye on things, you can receive a text message whenever a non-alarm event is triggered.

Control from anywhere.

Using your smart phone, you can access every feature of your system including lights, locks, cameras, and more.

Why Choose mission

01. Centrally Managed or Hosted Solutions

Gives you all the benefits of an access system with the added convenience of being centrally-managed by three redundant monitoring centers, freeing up your time to focus on your core business. All system transactions are conveniently processed over the Internet.

02. No Upfront Equipment Costs

With Mission, you get a customized security solution that includes state-of-the art equipment, real-time monitoring, video review and software for one all-inclusive monthly rate with no upfront costs or hidden fees. It’s peace of mind for less.

03. Ongoing Support

Our service doesn’t end after the sale. We know it takes more than great products to help you succeed — it also takes great support. Our team of professionals and experienced customer and technical support specialists are always at your service.


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